A Vision by David Birner & Satoshi

Directed by David Birner

Cinematography by Satoshi


In the near future Vienna is haunted by annihilating sandstorms when a bus driver discovers in the midst of a raging war between politics, corporations and rebels traces to his lost daughter.


In the year 2035 the world is regularly haunted by gigantic sandstorms. A permanent sandfog makes life above ground almost impossible. Those people who can afford it reside behind a huge high-tech wall that neutralizes the sand. We are in a time in the midst of a raging war between politics and mighty corporations when rebellious groups do whatever it takes to plunge the last remaining governmental structures into chaos. In between these dangerous fronts Adam suffers an existence without any prospects as a bus driver. During one of his work shifts his bus becomes the target of an attack by the rebels. Thereby he saves the life of a scientist of the Ā»Palladin CorporationĀ« so that he is unintentionally hyped by the media as a hero. He becomes a tool of the corporations and politics and encounters the dark secrets and scheming of the highest circles. In the middle of this fragile system Adam finds his long lost daughter and his courage to face life again. However, his daughter has joined the rebels by now who are just preparing to overthrow the dictatorial Palladin Corporation and their puppet government once and for all. All these events are overshadowed by the announcement of the most devastating sandstorm of all time. Adam wants to protect his daughter and get her to safety by every means and therefore plans their escape. In this fateful moment the ultimate showdown between the rebels and the death squad of the Palladin Corporation takes place when suddenly the most disastrous sandstorm hits the city with full force. With severe losses on both sides father and daughter are able to escape the ruins of Vienna with their last bit of strength. The future of the reunited family lies now in their own hands.


Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Length: 100 min
Language: English
Status: funding stage